Student Information

Welcome to the Student Information of The Two Edged Sword website. This section is will provide information to students and allow for them to successfully download course notes compiled by Fr. James Downey, OSA.

It is important to note that firstly, you must log-in to this site before accessing the Course Notes and secondly, you will need a valid Username and Password to log-in. Students will receive valid log-in details from Fr. James at the beginning of each Semester.

Go to the STUDENT LOG-IN page and key in the Username and Password given to you. Once you have logged in you will be automatically redirected to the 'Downloads' page.

You will also not that in the top left hand corner of the web-page beside the 'Student Information' link there is now a 'Go To Downloads' link that will bring you directly to the donloads section once you are signed in and it will remain available throughout your visit to the site once your session has not expired.

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